Hair Conked

Spent all Tuesday evening, late into the night “relaxing my hair.”  I always have issues with my lust for slinky straight hair, and recently learned a new term: CONKING.  This is a process that African American, men in particular, would apply to imitate “white hair.”
Here are some famous people who have…conked?

More Information on Conking:

The African-American Muslim and political leader, Malcolm X, viewed the straightening of hair amongst Black men, known as the conk, as a denial of their Black identity. In his book, The Autobiography of Malcolm X he described it as ‘a step toward self-degradation … I admire any Negro man who has never had himself conked, or who has had the sense to get rid of it – as I finally did’
Black civil rights activists saw the chemical alteration of Black hair as an attempt to transform the Black body into a white body. This attitude led to the explosion of natural hairstyles such as braiding and cornrows. To have natural hair, despite the inferior connotations assigned to it in the past, has long been connected with self-pride for Black people. It was the preferred style amongst nineteenth century African-American and Black British intellectuals.

~ by mollysurno on April 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Hair Conked”

  1. Have you Seen Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’? It might round out conking/perming for you. I think it’s a cruel trick. People are encouraged to put poison on their bodies for beauty’s sake…but that’s just me.

  2. i am a black man i would love to conk my hair but i dont know how do u if so please help

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