Ode to Freya Stark

Reading the New Yorker article about the early 20th century British explorer, writer, nomad Freya Stark provoked a need to acknowledge this adventuress.   A travel journalist and cartographer, she roamed the Maghreb and Middle East becoming fluent in Arabic and Farsi. 
Stark writes:

There is a cheerful quality in the neat brisk sound of trotting donkey feet on hard ground.  And it is pleasant too, to sit on a donkey pack,when you know how do it, without rigidity, meeting jolts and caprices of your companion with an elastic temper and a capacity for balance; riding in fact as one rides through life, with a calm eye for accidents and a taste for enjoyment in the meantime.

It’s hard not to let me mind wander with her…

And I couldn’t possibly forget the most extraordinary motion picture about tortured European lovers roaming colonized North Africa during a time of war

the heart is an organ of fire


~ by mollysurno on April 28, 2011.

One Response to “Ode to Freya Stark”

  1. I’m ashamed to admit that I had previously never heard of this most amazing woman.

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